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About Us

Everlive home healthcare service is a certified multi-disciplinary medical care as well as nursing care services agency. We started this service from 2009 and we give a new name for our services at 2013. Everlive health care provides a range of standard services from visits to continuous care with highly trained Doctors, Nurses and Physiotherapists. In addition, Everlive healthcare has specialized staff that can provide targeted care for patients suffering from Orthopaedic, Cardiac, Psychological, Neurological, Respiratory and Diabetic ailments. You may contact our Health Support Hotline for more information about how we can serve your individual need home healthcare service is the supportive care given by medical and health care professionals to whom it needs includes injured, ill, challenged, disabled, post-hospitalized, suffering from life-threatening diseases, or elderly people who are unable to do their daily activities. Our services including doctors, consultant physicians, skilled nursing care given by registered nurses, physiotherapists, physiotherapy consultants, pain and palliative care professionals, para-medical care professionals, critical care nurses, speech therapists, medical social workers, dieticians provide quality medical and nursing care to our patients from the comfort of their homes.

Everlive healthcare's goal is to make mainly healthiest city and to reduce actual healthcare costs. EVERLIVE HEALTHCARE will develop quality relationships with clients and payer sources to assure patient advocacy. To provide quality home health services which meet the needs and expectations of those injured, ill, disabled, or challenged.

EVERLIVE'S well trained healthcare professionals deliver high quality care to our clients who need it. Patient satisfaction is more important to us. Our services will continually be tailored to meet the needs of the communities we serve.

We provide superior home health care to ensure the satisfaction of each customer we serve. What brings people to EVERLIVE Home Health Care is the reputation we earn day by day, and client by client, for helping people live safely at home with comfort, independence, and dignity. Nothing is better than the comfort of home. Most of our clients want to remain in their own homes, surrounded by family and friends. And we are there to help them live their best lives at home. Not only is home health care preferred by most people, it’s a fiscally responsible method of care. For terminally ill patients, home care may include hospice care. For patients recovering from surgery or illness, home care may include rehabilitative assistance.


Get an understanding of the different level of staff we can provide to meet all set expectations and requirements. Each Nurse from Everlive healthcare is highly trained and specialized in caring for all your healthcare needs. They are therefore, not trained or authorized to provide any other services in the home other than those directly related to the health and wellbeing of the patient.